Mural project- Congregation Beth Am- 2017

The mural project idea was born as a desire to create a piece of art that included all members of the congratulation. Ilanit worked with more than 200 members creating the art between 2016-2017.
​ Ilanit worked closely with small groups which included 2nd to 12th grade students as well as teachers, rabbis and private donors. The idea was to describe the various definitions of Beth Am ( the house of nation), through art.
Each group based their art on different stories read to them describing the differences in the nations. For example, the nation of the book, the nation of the Torah, the nation of stiff neck, one nation, the chosen people, etc.
Together, all the variations created “One Nation”, Beth Am.
Each member received a 3″x 3″ tile to describe the nation through shapes and colors. The 200 pieces created the name of the congregation in the void…